About Shanghai

Shanghai, located in the East China Sea coast, Haikou Department of Yangtze River is China's largest city.

Shanghai is a dynamic growing prosperity of the city, is China's largest commercial and financial center, is also the Western Pacific region important international port city. Its extensive contacts within and outside the transport, communications more developed, is attracting more and more attention to the eyes.

Shanghai is located in the Yangtze River Delta alluvial plain, from 3,729 Shanghai Pu and Jiang tributaries. Spring and Autumn Period, a Wu, Warring States, local fishermen fishing tools created "retinue," said the lead for Shanghai Consulate, the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the Shanghai Consulate-base to build piracy, the Shanghai as "Shanghai." Shanghai is China's historical and cultural city, as the "launching of communication Tianjin, southeast of the city." "Two thousand years of history at Xi'an, Beijing millennium history, 100 years of history at the Shanghai," Shanghai is modern China's "miniature", with thick, and heavy historical details. As the party's birthplace, the city added a more unique brilliance. A number of man of the hour here, the Sun Yat-sen, the Soong Ching Ling, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Lu Xun, Li Hongzhang, Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Ting-and many other celebrities in the footsteps scattered throughout Shanghai different residential construction, contains a section of thought-provoking events.

Shanghai is a city unmatched by any character, is her "flavor." 1843 Shanghai City, a mix of her five directions, the confluence of Chinese and Western culture. Shanghai's emerging financial securities, futures, foreign exchange and technology to establish a national market, and established Shanghai as a national center for the allocation of resources, but also accelerated the pace of integration with the international economy Shanghai. October 2001, the APEC meeting in Shanghai, Shanghai as a new century of international economic, financial, and trade center status has initially established! Today's Shanghai is a very modern and sophisticated dignity of traditional cultural city.

Shanghai has become a major downtown her unique charm, fascinating -- Waitan the Western architectural style with modern skyscrapers in Pudong each; Linking cathedral hymn kept, parks cigarettes curl; Guojielou of mahjong elderly, the soccer players hung Lane; Shanghai opera theatre of the masses, comedy drama, the Bolshoi symphony, ballet; The old hotel to food, Xinghualou the Guangdong-style tea, snacks throughout Yunnan Road, the French main dish of red houses, the three turned small Shaoxing, U.S. Kentucky; Shanghai Street tea, Hengshanlu bars, combination of Chinese and Western content, the new time lost, each of brilliant. As night fell, the neon flashing neon, night Shanghai made up beautifully, keeping Hotel jazz, the traditional music Shopping, two people left the last century, the old 1930s old Shanghai, and the rhythm of modern disco dancing, decentralized Internet cafes concentrated on the 21 people back to the modern civilization : : Entering the 21st century Shanghai, prosperity and opening here planting, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai International Convention Center, Pudong International Airport, both as an international metropolis the open prospects for the 21st century Shanghai, glory and dream here convergence, Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Grand Theatre, Urban Planning Office, without thinking of the broad international metropolis feelings.

Shanghai is the new century modernization, internationalization, the fashion of the specimens, she will enthusiastically welcome the arrival of the world friends! Shanghai Profile Chien said : Shanghai District No. : 021 Mail to : 200000 The noodles : 100 km east-west width, more than 120 km long North-South, the land area of 6340.5 square kilometres, of which, within the urban area of 610 square kilometres Link. Chongming Island in the area of 1,041 square kilometres, is China's third largest island. People mouth : resident population of about 1674 million, the floating population of about 2 million. Spaces Purchase : located between 31 degrees 14 minutes N and 121 degrees 29 minutes. Yangtze River Delta in the forefront, independent East China Sea coast, the east is the vast and boundless Pacific, the west coast of the United States and across the sea, south of Hangzhou Bay, West and affluent Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces adjacent North profession golden waterways river, while the north-south coastline of China's central, easily accessible, wide wrap around the hinterland, the location is very favorable, is the world's third largest and China's largest port.


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